5 laws for my desert island

1, Freedom

–          In the real world, people have to stick with the rules of not to robbing bank and stuff then go to jail.  In this desert, they should inherit, no jail, no more people die. Refers to the world freedom in this island doesn’t mean that people can kill and hit people for depriving other people properties, it’s not fair. This island wants equal world, not dividing people. If people started to take and robbing bank, the whole island will be ruin off.

2, There will be park, playground, shopping centre, jokes place, Movie Theater, etc.

–          These places above only available in the holidays and weekends. If park, shopping centre, movie theater open every day, students might get lazy of their work and go out instead. Do this only available when they finished their work and good effort on subjects. Jokes places are the place people may spend most of their time in to relax and laugh. There won’t be any club in this island otherwise things will change from good world to bad world.

3, everyone should have sufficient equivalent of food, drinks and costume.

–          My desert island will distribute a bulk amount of food for people every day; they don’t have to die. My island won’t let people die because of breakdown supplies. In the world with some different places, their countries are not so rich and people die because of no supplies. Just like Vietnam, the governments might be rich but they spend their money on technologies, and don’t help the poor. So I would like to see people with happy faces going around with nice costume and a bit fat.

4, everybody should go to the hospital once a month

–          This island will provide enough hospital nearby people houses, and they should go there to check their body or illness to stay away from diseases. If everyone has different types of illness that cannot be treated, they will be asked to live in places which will benefits for their health and they have to stay apart from their family for a while. If the diseases can be treating, they might send to hospitals in island or to other countries for the treatments. Government will pay for the fees.

5, Children from 4-24 must go to proper school; adult should have a job to work.

–          Even know that the first rule is freedom but people have to have a good education to help the island. Children should go to school which they could know more than 3 languages, have high standard teachers and good effort in studying. Government will pay for the fees. For adult, they should have a good communication with Bill Gates, Billionaire, President of countries, Large Companies some other top idols or models. Then they would work and learn some good things about them and bring some good qualities things back to my island. Examples MONEY, proper jobs, good communicator. And for geriatric, they will rest in a good place near the beaches, relaxing and enjoying their time.

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My CaMp ReFleCtIoN <3

Camp reflection:

How weird that you could be in year 9 Dalat camp and think that it is boring and instantly know that something was interesting that impressed you at the time that you were there. At from the very beginning of the camp that I could feel this year camp was the same as my year 6 camp. One night at the hotel and 2 nights in the tents and always through it’s dirty with smelly and stinky toilet. Spent weeks and month to think about the toilet and how dirty the tents are. It was different when I actually paid and went on this camp.

As soon as I went to this camp, my brain changes direction. First day at the hotel was awesome, clean restroom plus no insects. The most interested part of the camp in the first day was ate dinner with my friends. Food in the restaurant was amazing, I scooped rice out of the bowl for everyone and press it as hard as I can and everyone had to eat all of them. They spent time laughing more than eating so I kept telling funny stuff so they cannot full their stomach. After dinner, we were tired of laughing then went back to our hotel and spent three hours with friends at night time, played some games before went to sleep. The next days, we were separated into two groups. The First group is superman they ran the whole way to the mountain. The second group is superspider we walked, which is better. And nothing funny on that day, people tired of climbing mountains. The next day was the best to me. We spent forty-five minutes ate breakfast, when everybody was enjoyed their bread with omelet; I spent my time with instant noodle by myself. My friends kept saying why and why I got that noodle, the answer simply was I cannot eat omelet. After ate all the noodles, Billy came to my table and drank all the noodle soup. Then we did some activities like zip lining and I love those. I’d yell as loud as I can to relax my mind when I was in the middle of the river. And I also did monkey bar and I defeat Nhan.  And his face got red when I teased him about that, so funny. That night, we spent some time with Dalat people danced and sang songs.

On the minus side, this camp was short, but on the plus side it was a nice, cheerful and amazing. Spent time of thought this camp was old fashion but actually it all went wrong, from the beginning till the end. This camp was a joyful place to remember the time with our friends and teachers. Shared some of our memories with them and live without our parents for couple of days. Poke our friends by made them laugh, dancing, holding hands and tease them, that memories were really hard to forget. This was the most impressive things that I’ve done in my year 9 camp. So I’d love to go on another camp next year without friends and I wish the prize could a bit lower.


By: GiaO’s the shortest one in year 9

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what is an essay???

  An essay is a short piece of writing base on a particular subject. First, plan how to write it, used some of the idea for the essay to write about. Like brainstorm, write down the key words or phrase that could lead ideas for an essay.  Once, when that topic had been chosen, all the paragraphs have to answer six questions: Why, What, Where, How, Who, and When. And all the paragraphs have to link back to the question. In essay, the essay is the ideas of the back ground information, some of the argument that supports the paragraph. An essay not all the paragraph has to link together, but actually the major argumentative moves expect of the essay together.  The begin sentence of the paragraphs which started off with the “What” question and some knowledge background information.  Mostly, in an essay have 5 paragraphs.

 An introduction:

The introduction consist the ideas and a few specific goal and not giving to much information.

The Body:

The body should have 3 paragraphs. The beginning sentence of the paragraphs; the few sentences explain the first statement or introduce the topics. Put some of the evidence or examples, and also give some argument to support an essay. Ensure that the essay support proves or some quotation.


The last paragraphs of an essay, summarise the main point, should not give anything news in this paragraphs. Point out the main points and don’t repeat the specific examples which given in the body part.

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  1. What is Aspergers?

Aspersers are a kind of sickness which happens to developing children in delay birth. Some children develop normal but they are unusual with their language skills. Other kids have unusual behaviour like spending hours lining on toys.

2.    What are some of the symptoms of Aspergers?

–          Seems rude, unsocial, weird, not nice, doing strange things.

–          Don’t have interested in another person, talk obsessively.

–          Don’t like people touching their body.

–          Not good at explaining things.

–          Conversation revolves around self.

–          Poor coordination and clumsiness.

–          Narrow subjects,( only good at one or two subjects), mostly like sport statistics.

–          Concrete thinking, inability to understand humour.

–          Find difficulty in social relationship and communicating.

–          Clumsy movements.

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Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle interview…

Today, i’m going to tell you about my imaginary interview with Sir Aurthur Doyle.

The interviewer: The detective story about Sherlock makes me remember about my high school. Whenever I read your story, my feeling change, your detective story was amazing sir Author Conan Doyle.  So today it was a great pressure that we have a conversation together. First things, i wonder where you got the detail or the plot of the story from. How can you imagine all of that of?

Authur Conan Doyle answer: Writing was not just my professional way is spiritual calling. When i was young around 9 years old, my family paid for my education in England, for 7 years I went to boarding school. There are some difficulty times for me in boarding school, but I also realise that I have talent on storytelling. Whenever I heard amazing story, i would make up amuse of them.

The interviewer: WoW… it was an amazing talent that not much people in this world can do. So what about your life? I mean, you have a wife, but what does she do?

Authur Conan Doyle: Absolutely, my wife was an amazing wife. I married at the age 22 and her name is Mary Foley, she was an educated lady and married at 17. She’s also had a passion on books too, and she was a master storyteller.

Interviewer:  oh… that was really interested for me… So did you spend lots of time with her?

Authur Conan Doyle: umm…. Yes, of course. But she was a master storyteller and I’m also busy on writing books so… you know we kind of see each other everyday. And that’s a good thing.

Interviewer: I know… Busy and you guys are so busy, but I’m so lucky that you are not spending time on your book and come to our interview.

Authur Conan Doyle: not really, i will spend some more time after this interview.

Interviewer:  =| how many stories did you write so far?

Authur Conan Doyle:  Just only 56 short stories and 4 novels, I think. But I will try to make it 100 if possible. Just like you said, I love to read your stories. So I will continue it when I go home.

Interviewer: Keep moving on with the stories you write, because there will be heaps of fans that are waiting for your news book and so am I. I think it’s the end of the interview. It was so nice for me to know more about you. I hope that we could see each other again and talk more about books. Thank you for coming to our interview,[ shake hand] really nice to met you.  

Authur Canon Doyle: Nice to met you, too.

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Horror MOvIe


This movie was our first movie of horror, hope you guys enjoy watching it.  This movie was made by : Khoi, Thao, Giao and Maika.

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Nancy drew

My three interest things about Nancy Drew are:

first, she wrote alot of mystery book which i really scared about mystery stuff, but i love to read it.

Second, shes really intelligent and have a great imagination about mystery, which i dont have.

Third, shes also a great detective character in 1930, a really talent lady.

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Hello world!

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